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Louvre Hotels buys into Sarovar Hotels

PARIS - Louvre Hotels Group, the 2nd largest hotel group in Europe, announces its acquisition of a majority stake in Sarovar Hotels, the largest independent Indian hotel chain in terms of hotels and presence. Sarovar Hotels is made up of 75 hotels on the premium, mid-range and budget sectors, through 3 leading brands.....

Is a global trade war looming ?

The end of globalization ? Is there a trade war looming ? All concerns that are heard around the world now that Donald Trump is the new President of the United States. The question is if there will be a way back from having a internationalized economic system whereby economies and businesses have prospered and are still thriving as a result of international operations ?.....

Effective spending in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Indonesia’s reforms to fiscal policy and the investment climate are expected to boost the economy—projected to grow at 5.3% in 2017—according to a new World Bank report released on 17 January 2017. Indonesia has improved its fiscal policy credibility by setting more achievable revenue targets in the 2017 Budget........

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